End of life care

Advance planning for life until the very end

It can be difficult talking and thinking about end-of-life care, but the compassionate team at Loxley Court make these important arrangements straightforward and clear. In many cases, knowing an individual’s values, wishes and beliefs can be a good way to approach this sensitive subject and help our health and social care professionals.

A compassionate team

Taking care of someone towards the end of their life requires special skills, including compassion, understanding and empathy. These are qualities our team possesses which, combined with specialist palliative care training, enables them to uphold the dignity of our ladies and gentlemen at all times, as well as help them and their family with support, practical advice and making arrangements.

Commitment to a quality of life

Loxley Court endeavours to provide the best quality of life for you or your loved one no matter how much time is left.

We prepare for four specific needs that may arise towards the end of an individual’s life:

  • Physical – Including pain relief and the management of symptoms
  • Psychological – We listen to and act on the anxieties of the individual and their family
  • Practical – We give support on practical matters, including getting financial affairs in order
  • Spiritual – We can make contact with religious leaders to fulfil spiritual needs

Our team may also discuss the following with the person we care for and their family:

  • Who will look after your loved one towards the end of their time
  • The arrangement of the individual’s room. Some may choose to position their bed by a window with views of the garden while others prefer the curtains drawn
  • Which friends, family and relatives will visit to say goodbye and when
  • Any stimuli in the room. Some people will choose to have a silent setting while others may ask for music or the television to be on
  • Palliative care
  • Anything the person we care for does not want during this time
  • Funeral arrangements

Dementia and end of life care planning

If possible, it is advised to discuss end of life care arrangements with your loved one as early as you can if they live with dementia so they can express their wishes more easily.

End of life care plans can be arranged over time to give individuals and their families space to think at their own speed and avoid being overwhelmed. Our end of life care plans are also flexible and can be altered at any time.

Someone experiencing the late stages of dementia might find it more difficult to speak and understand what is being said to them, however it may be possible to communicate non-verbally via body language and facial expressions. Our team will be on hand to assist with such arrangements in any way they can.